Saturn Fly-boat

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Saturn is a canal “Fly Boat” (express delivery boat), built by the Shropshire Union Railways & Canal Company in 1906. She has been restored to her original working condition and is now both an outdoor classroom for schools and an 'eye-opening' historical experience for adults. 

Saturn's history is fascinating - & you could be part of her future!


Fly-boats operated regular schedules running 24 hours.

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Canal Life

Boat peoples' lives were hard and very different to ours.

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Horse Boating

Horses could pull 50 times as much cargo on water.

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Saturn - a concise history

  • Saturn was built 1906 in Chester for the Shropshire Union Railways & Canal Company. 
  • Entirely wooden construction – oak sides, elm bottoms.
  • Horse-drawn she would usually carry between 12 and 16 tons 
  • Worked on the Llangollen Canal in the early 20th century 
  • Only surviving Shropshire Union fly-boat in original condition
  • Saturn specialised in carrying cheese from Cheshire and North Shropshire to Manchester 
  • Saturn remained a horse-drawn cargo boat into the 1950s, by then working around the Wolverhampton area 
  • Mid 1950s to 1980s she was converted to work as a hotel boat 
  • Fully restored in 2005. To see more about her Restoration click here.
  • She is now run by The Saturn Project, a trust whose volunteers present her as a travelling education resource and heritage attraction.